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losing hair elastics, one at a time.

sturmhond. prince of ravka. king of scars
n i k o l a i   l a n t s o v


sturmhond. prince of ravka. king of scars

n i k o l a i   l a n t s o v

“Toss him over,” Zoya said. “Break his heart cruelly. I will gladly give our poor prince comfort, and I would make a magnificent queen.” (..) "Zoya? I make it a policy never to seduce anyone prettier than I am.”

Anonymous sent: Wait, you ship Zoya and Nikolai? WHY? That's just ew gross


ooops i didn’t realize it was illegal to ship two fictional characters.

and i fail to see why it’s gross? i mean, it’s not like they’re related or anything.

and besides that i reckon they’d be the most awesome pair ever. i think i’m gonna make a legit answer to this okay here i go

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I totes agree! Zoya had said that she would make a great queen herself haha and the beauty of Nikolai and Zoya’s children would not be fair to any other living being on the planet

"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

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selena gomez watching justin bieber’s career


I love watching this post come back every time he fucks up





"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"


Oh shitttttt

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